Water Filter- A Closer Look

There are a number of potential problems that can occur with the water that comes into our homes; high levels of calcium, minerals and sediment, otherwise known as hard water.  Hard water can be really difficult on your home’s plumbing and appliances and for many years people would turn to water softeners that use salt to lessen the harmful effects of hard water.Discover More offers excellent info on this.

Unsafe water is another problem we face with our water today.  Water with bacteria, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and carcinogens are in large numbers in the public and well water systems.  It is common for people to install under sink water filters to provide safe and filtered drinking water.  Often the best drinking water filters are installed to remove as many contaminates as possible.  This takes care of just the drinking portion of the water we use every day.

Some water softener companies are adding filters to their salt source water softening systems and going door to door selling them and promoting them as home water filtration systems.  They unfortunately are not full spectrum filters that will fully protect the home from the vast array of contaminates in the water.  Further more, these systems use salt to ‘soften’ the water which is very damaging to the environment and can cause additional health concerns above the water contaminates the ‘filter’ does not catch.

Homes that need a way of softening the water as well as wishing to find security in their water that a whole house water filtration system provides will often be disappointed by the choices they face.  A nano-filtration system offers both, a salt free water softener as well as a full spectrum whole house water filtration.

A water filter to remove lead, remove arsenic from water and remove chloramines is combined with a softening system that does not use salt or chemicals.   These systems are suited for well water, river water, and even public utilities water and are environmentally safe.

Feel confident that all the water that is used in your home is safe and treated.  By filtering and treating the entire house you can feel confident that the water used to wash clothing and dishes is safe.  The water your children bathe in and play in is free of harmful bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals and carcinogens from the detergents added to the water.  Safe water and soft water can be had; be careful of the door to door sales that try to convince you that their salt water softener with a water filter will protect you.