Blitz Marketing Group – Internet Marketing Strategies

While it is true that certain elements of a traditional marketing strategy still apply on the Internet, it is also important to recognize the unique nature of the web and how Internet marketing plans can be designed to make money in new ways. Start by reviewing how your company’s overall marketing strategy fits with your Internet presence.

Could your existing strategy make even more money if adapted to the world-wide-web? A basic audit of your site will determine if it meets your company’s graphics standards and if it speaks with the same voice as your advertising and public relations. Once these are in harmony the focus should be to drive traffic to your site. Use every existing opportunity to promote the site.If you’re looking for more tips, Blitz Marketing has it for you.

Ad campaigns that are already running, all public and press relations and collateral should clearly display your site. In addition, a focused Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort should be initiated as well as dominating all appropriate affiliate, reseller and associate programs available. Depending upon the size of your company, you may assign a dedicated staff member to these tasks. Outsourcing to the right person can also accomplish this effectively. This person can also help turn other company promotions into email campaigns and opt-in email or permission-based marketing efforts. These generate a useful database of prime customers over time.

Use the interactive nature of the web to help build relationships with your customer by running a blog and/or breaking news of sales, etc. to your online community first. It is about community, albeit a new cyber community. Without a doubt, these strategies and others can be refined to expand your company’s horizons and make more money.

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